Custom Biscuit Orders

      **Our biscuits are made from real butter and free range farm eggs so they taste as good as they look.

Each biscuit is individually packaged in a heat sealed bag to ensure freshness for up to 8+ weeks.

Please note – Biscuits orders have a max of 6 designs per min order of 2 dozen, you may mix 2 levels of detail.


Simple dozen – Minimal details, no gold or florals – R540 per dozen (R45 each) 

Semi Detailed dozen – Medium amount of detail, basic floral, some gold work. – R720 per dozen (R60 each)

Detailed dozen/Character dozen – Fair amount of detailing, intricate florals, gold added – R780 per dozen (R65 each)

Highly Detailed – R840 per dozen (R70 each)

Mini biscuits START at R300 a dozen with a minimum order of two dozen. (Minis have a lot less detail  and shapes are limited)

Courier is a flat rate of R150

A non refundable booking fee of R250 is required.